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Zamboanga Hermosa Canada

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Who Can Join?

Zamboangueños and/or Zamboangueñas, either born or raised in Zamboanga and Basilan, together with their spouses and dependent children or an individual person. Membership dues are assessed per member , regardless of whether they have families or not.

How Can I Join?

To join we need a completed application and a $15 per family/single individual, annual membership fee.

You can join right online. Click below. Then send a $15 check, payable to: Zamboanga Hermosa Canada   702-1818 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario          M4G 4G6.      


                            For additional details, please contact:

                                         Aida D'Orazio 416-544-0438


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Contact Info:

293 West 18 Street, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada
L9C 4H3


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